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Pensiunea Perla Trascaului

Rametea (Alba)

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A dream place, a corner of heaven

Review made by: Jurca Gheorghe

Review: A dream place, a corner of heaven, an area as beautiful as possible, more fascinating, full of charm and harmony, of positive suggestions, in which you can enhance your physical and spiritual energy. It offers wonderful accommodation conditions, a varied list of traditional dishes and especially cakes, prepared by an archipelago confectioner - Ioana Hi? Ian, which you will never forget. Choose a vacation spot? this? superb? pension and you will not regret it. Gheorghe Jurc ?, writer, Alba Iulia
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A guesthouse in a beautiful natural setting

Review made by: Alina Stanescu

Review: The pension is f beautiful, modern, tastefully decorated. Spacious rooms with a pleasant design with modern furniture quality; Also bath. Every balcony pots with geraniums are extraordinarily beautiful, which give added beauty of the entire building. Large yard, ingijita with green grass and flowers. Good food, tasty traditional dishes. The following products made of them (bacon, blueberry jam, plum jam, shocked, blueberries, etc.). Serving ladies are extremely kind, friendly, happy to answer your questions about the different types of foods. Asemenenea are welcoming hosts. Pension has a very good location, being situated in a beautiful natural setting paramount. Nearby is the village Rimetea, a beautiful village with a unique architecture in Romania. At about 30 km Turzii are recognized for their overwhelming beauty. I highly recommend this hostel
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» [Pensiunea Perla Trascaului] reply: Multumim pentru cuvintele frumoase , ne bucuram ca v-am facut sederea placuta si va mai asteptam si alta data cu mult drag.
Cu respect,
Gheorghe TIHAN

4-star guesthouse

Review made by: Lucian

Review: It was the second time I came to this board, after May 2012. We wandered in White County so we got to the hostel after 22:00. The owner was waiting for us and gave us a memorable dinner, with meat dishes. Hosts are grade 10, 80% of the food is prepared in house (eg carnatz, dulcetzuri, jams, vegetable stew) and is delicious. The rooms are very clean, the conditions being 4 stars. We like quiet place, places to visit and Rimetea village. We will definitely return. Unfortunately, the Romans that we are, we put in the wheels alone Betz. I refer to the access road up there, where local residents can not do much. Access from Aiud is terrible for approx. 5 km due to sewage works. Access from Turda's terrible for approx 5 km because of carelessness ... and machines that carry wood. Otherwise, the road is very good but do not know why it was completely modernized.
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A wonderful place with wonderful people

Review made by: Ovidiu

Review: We arrived at the lodge after a long trip around the country, but all I can say is that "Pearl Trascaului" is situated in a beautiful place Rametii Valley. We were greeted with love "Uncle Gigi", none other than the owner of the cabin and although we arrived quite late on the night we were greeted with hospitality worthy of a true novel. Although the road lies something not long ago, I could not refuse a tasty dinner offered by Nea Gigi. Entice us with house wine and a homemade blueberry all that it's true worth note 10. We then retired upstairs room (the largest in the hut) where we enjoyed the jacuzzi full of concealed easily and tastefully arranged bedroom. Accommodation conditions were perfect and the food was served at Uncle Gigi match. I spent 3 days and 3 nights as stories, passing the turn of years with Uncle Gigi and rest tourists are there for New Year's Eve. It was a wonderful mini vacation there and I can say only that we will have when we pass the way through even greet Uncle Gigi .... and who knows, maybe we do and baptized there :) Note 10 + for a dream destination for lovers and note 10 + for Nea Gigi and hospitality worthy of a true novel.
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» [Pensiunea Perla Trascaului] reply: Multumim pentru cuvintele frumoase si va mai asteptam cu mult drag
Gheorghe Tihan

"Pearl Trascaului". Eternal waiting

Review made by: RADU DAN

Review: We arrived at the "Pearl Trascaului", across from the monastery of Rametea (Alba), the noon hour because of a wedding. Initially wanted to stop at the starvin eaten after a raid on the ruins of the Colltesti, the mansion Székely village, but was a Saturday, and Saturday is weddings, so I got to "Pearl Tascaului". Not that other pension between the two more anterieor mentioned. Place the table on the back patio, large group and hungry, with many magnificent view in the foreground, I look forward certetat menus. The lady who served us, I think it was just one on all pension, quite professional, prepuat ORDERING drinks quickly, some tuiculita the house, some blueberries, some beer, water, juice. We were served (actually all restaurant I said) the same lady, and a younger boy, detached from reality that no mood to be all there, wander about as he was dying, wrong order, offer few cutlery ... you hurt in the Romanian pen classic. Counterstrike live the boy. It did not take much to drink, but the food took dear. Even the know. I was initially informed that during food preparation will be longer directly proportional to how many dishes we ordered because it is just a (one) cook on board and all dishes are fresh, made to order (except soups). What made me change my desire to taste a fish brine, and I opted for Transylvanian goulash. On the menu besides suspectele present in all restaurants, several different things, Transylvanian goulash, stew peasant tarragon soup (chicken) I ordered (just a few of two) some soups. Bean soup, pork soup Transylvanian. I mentioned that our group consisted of 15 cuvantatoare of which about 4 children. Served about half an hour after the order had changed after the command bean soup that had, soup was good, nothing special, no big or small portion. Did ultimately no difference to the final result. There was a long waiting period. Glasses were emptied three cars with drivers ... not much going beer, others make us despite us wanting to have non-alcoholic resigned. Long wait will say, to eat bread left over from the soup with salt. About 2 hours so. I had a flicker of hope when he started to see a salad, or two salads, pickles each other cabbage. Then after I tasted the cucumbers, about 10 minutes to come and say boy so helpful waiter told us it was a little confusing, salads were on the next table, where there were only two people. Another smart. And brother sit still for half an hour as some salads appear, then some time after tacamuile come up that were not enough. Then another half an hour until the food came. A total of 3 hours and a half after I ordered. Perhaps I exaggerate a bit because we were hungry river, and children alike, and is nervous now as to how incapable some people can be. Dine Alone 25 faster than their cook in less time. One plus for "Pearl Trascaului". The food was good. Transylvanian Goulash (with dumplings and potatoes) fresh and tasty, good portion, rustic stew with pork, bacon and sausage, grilled trout (it was actually made fried) fresh and juicy. Only these three are worth mentioning dementia not go into detail pork or chicken cordon bleu, grilled neck and about 5mm thin cardboard. Next, the risk of taking a fine, when I pass "Pearl Trascaului" at any speed will accelerate, even if the same happens to the local and at least I tried, because there is clear and seemingly uncontrollable risk as "Pearl Trascaului" or die of hunger or so home sick from waiting. Well as her convent across the street, you solve that soon.
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» [Pensiunea Perla Trascaului] reply:
Dreptul la replica
Ca urmare la nemultumirile dumneavoastra va facem cunoscut urmatoarele:
-la sosirea grupului ,ospatara v-a spus ca fiind asa multi si cu cat veti comanda mai diversificat cu atat v-a dura mai mult ,mai ales ca nu erati singurii clienti din pensiune si mai trebuiau onorate si alte comenzi luate anterior,dar ati spus ca nu este o problema daca trebuie sa se astepte ca oricum sunteti in plimbare iar peisajul este deosebit.
-acel baiat care o facea pe ospatarul nu era altcineva decat fiul ospatarei si facea acest lucru ca sa o ajute , probabil ca a mai gresit unele lucruri dat fiind faptul ca nu era decat un copil si a vrut sa fie si el util.
-pentru aceasta nu trebuie sa accelerati atunci cand veti trece pe langa noi,ati putea sa opriti sa ne cunoastem, pentru ca noi suntem deschisi decat de cateva luni si ca la orice inceput sincope mai pot aparea.
Noi va multumim ca ne-ati trecut pragul si totusi va mai asteptam si alta data.
Gheorghe Tihan

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