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Pensiunea Poarta Norocului

Sambata De Sus (Brasov)

Sambata De Sus (Brasov)

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Slice of Heaven

Review made by: Burlacu Danut

Review: I spent a holiday at the guesthouse,'' good luck! Owners and staff greets you from the first moment of hospitality as an old friend, everything is new, quality, spacious, clean, and plentiful food gaustoasa. The natural environment is one special, just all around the forest in the valley river with crystal clear cold water, above a place of worship, it's a trout in the area, then green, green and more green and. It's the first time I have to go home, but I want him to stay for a while. We will return with pleasure!
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» [Pensiunea Poarta Norocului] reply: Mul?umim foarte mult pentru aprecierile dumneavostr?.
Ne bucur?m ca a?i scris despre noi cu atâta dragoste si c?ldur?.
V? a?tept?m oricand cu drag!


Review made by: Ancuta, Marius si Petrut Mitrache

Review: About Boarding luck ... only better. This is really where we felt spoiled, we felt treated with respect, in other words we felt great. But not to remain in generalities must say that the thing that delights us most in this place is that, in terms of mass conditions, it is of very good quality, nothing is placed on the table just desire to fill. Nowhere in Romania and even beyond've never seen so much concern culinary detail. I went several times and each time the owner gave us nothing - or even breakfast. Not necessarily some gourmets but we like what we are offering to be in good taste, good quality and ... nothing. That it offers in terms of luck. Of course guesthouse offers something else, you can play table tennis, you can dance, you can sing, you can do short walks nearby and of course you can spend beautiful moments nearby targets. Last but not least we welcome hosts are real people who know their family to fit in naturally, without effort and without appearing to do so in ways that seem forced. Best regards and see you well.
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» [Pensiunea Poarta Norocului] reply: Va multumim pentru aprecieri si va asteptam oricand cu drag.

super cool!

Review made by: adi

Review: I will send a message about the few places in romania which still retains a touch of common sense in tourism. I think it is the 4th time we go tra with family and friends in this beautiful place where the hosts actually give you the impression that your family are so hospitable and common sense are. About restaurant food and keep to say that location is the chef patron although the base is not his job but maybe that makes the soul and you get to eat food that will make you forget any cure weight loss and diet. On this occasion I would like to congratulate chef culinary feast for all that I had. The rest is super guesthouse accommodation in 2010 was almost nine they say it three stars but I think new furniture, satellite TV, bathroom with shower, fitness room with table tennis, modern dining room with dance and karaoke is at least 4 stars and since I do not want to brag too much to not think that there are a shareholder but I stand Prahova Valley where the money spent there on a weekend stay in our day and of course go and foamedar dead will let you convince yourself. What to say all praise staff will welcome additional bravo bravo there in Sinaia hope to see as soon
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Review made by: MARIAN IVAN

Review: I spent a great New Year in this location. Hosts were very friendly, the accommodation is impeccable, the food excellent and maximum fun. recommend to all who pass through the Fagaras visit this board. WE WILL SAFETY.
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relaxation and pampering

Review made by: m- florin

Review: I had a wonderful stay in the location and we enjoyed the full attention of hosts. It was the height - the fireworks, campfire, food and delicious desserts. The hosts made sure to savor traditional dishes (sausage house, bacon, rind, pastarma sheep accompanied by sauerkraut) doused with brandy, blueberry and wine belsug.In break between meals I could visit the surroundings (Dejani monastery, nectar, Andrew , etc. hergehlia from Saturday, whirlpools, etc.). House is situated by the river, in the foothills and you can enjoy fresh air and tranquility needed after a week of work. If I had the grades to 10 would be given 10 plus hosts that are not mere service providers but making them feel like family.
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