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Cabana Anda Lux

Calatele (Cluj)

Calatele (Cluj)
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You can also pay by CARD. We accept HOLIDAY TICKETS. Anda Lux Pension is located in a dream setting, surrounded by a pine forest and total peace. Children and adults will be happy both, enjoying our facilities.
We have a sauna, wooden tub with hot water, indoor pool with heated water (program 10-22), basketball hoop, hammock, children's playground, gazebo with table and benches, barbecue and kettle. The price for the full rental is 3000 lei per weekend. And when it is rented in full, the unit is still in boarding house (ie there is someone in the unit for maintenance.) We look forward to seeing you.

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Guest House
Type of accommodation:
Room only
Always Open
Swimming pool
Interior Swimming pool
Playground for children
Barbecue in the yard

sat vacanta 2 - calatele padure340000 Calatele, Cluj

Anda Lux Pension offers 9 rooms arranged in two separate buildings. In the first building we rent upstairs five rooms (2,3,4,5,6) each with TV, internet and private bathroom, and on the ground floor living room, service bathroom, sauna and fully equipped kitchen. On the second floor, upstairs we have four spacious rooms (7,8,9,10) with TV, internet and individual bathroom plus a kitchenette.

On the ground floor of the second floor we offer our tourists a swimming pool with heated water. Tourists from both buildings of the Anda Lux Pension have access to the swimming pool. The unit also has a bathtub, children's playground, terraces with table and benches, as well as a barbecue and kettle. The sauna and tub bath are for a fee.

The first building consisting of five rooms can be rented only in full, and the second building consisting of four rooms can also be rented per room Price for full rental per weekend 3000 lei. And when the unit is rented in full, it is also in the pension system (ie there is someone in the unit for maintenance)

You're welcome!

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