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Casa Trapsa

Baile Herculane (Caras Severin)

Baile Herculane (Caras Severin)
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The house is located on the street Pecinisca in a rural landscape, a quiet resort town of Baile-Herculane on the river Cerna, Mehedinti and Cerna Mountains between mountains.

We expect in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, everything you relax away from everyday stress.

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Guest House
Type of accommodation:
Room only
Playground for children
Barbecue in the yard

Str. Pecinisca nr 19 - 325201 Baile Herculane, Caras Severin

Integrated Cerna Valley National Park - Domogled, the resort is situated in a picturesque location. The city is situated between mountains and mountains Mehedinti Cerna, at an altitude of 300 m, where breathing ionized air. The climate is type depression, influenced western and south-meditaraneene and average annual temperature is 10.5 degrees C.

You will find accommodation in single rooms with living room, cable TV, bathroom, double bed, comfortable rooms with cable TV, bathroom with shower.
Facilities: access to kitchen, barbecue in the yard with grass, entertainment for children in the court's own house, fishing opportunities in the Cerna River (as it is behind the house), wireless internet and free internet connection, non-smoking rooms, parking possibility .

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