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Casa Vancea

Pojorata (Suceava)

Pojorata (Suceava)

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Review made by: Andrei

Review: From the pictures you think is the ideal place ... but besides the fact that it does not increase half of the 80 lei rate, what caused me to run quickly was the smell ... which is awful !!!
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VANCEA nightmarish place.

Review made by: Mandica

Review: Upon returning from Maramures, I searched the internet cazare.Fotografiile beautiful on the internet at Pension Vancea_Pojorata made us to choose this location. Rooms at first glance seemed clean, but on closer examination, I had to see wires drawn at random like a cobweb that mingled on joints ceiling, spiders undisturbed for a long time (probably were likewise accommodated there in CO) walk corners hairs and dust on the terrace of little punks, tablecloths stained with cigarette ashes fallen on them. I went outside in the garden, where there were other tables (although as beautiful as they design) but which towered 2 ashtrays and 2 cups of coffee terribly dirty they stared at us like a cry of pain ... probably They are hoping to find us two hands industrious that they curete.Totul gave me that feeling of disgust and discomfort. After However ,, home ", seeing as we stopped directly where there were problems, actually began to raise their voices and lust us out .... ,, If you do not like, you can leave ... Why so much fuss ? "... ending with that sir ,, Eeee gee what pretensions." So if you have worked for a year pt.acei book for pennies. leave, you are not wasting Pension Vancea them. Browse the valley and you will find many other places more beautiful and desired comfort at a price quite convenient.
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Current conditions do not correspond to the description

Review made by: turist

Review: Unfortunately I can not say that I was staying in this hostel. Effectively I could not stand. Pungent smell of chlorine, moisture and stuffiness chased us and we preferred to go to look elsewhere, although the weather does not urge walks in nature.
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House Vancea

Review made by: Aurel

Review: Quiet, discreet, close to nature. The ideal place for vacations, holidays.
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