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Pensiunea Ruby'nN

Vatra Dornei (Suceava)

Vatra Dornei (Suceava)

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Avoid the Ruby'nN guesthouse Vatra Dornei

Review made by: Forro Roxana

Review: I paid for New Year's Eve 2018 as early as June 2017. I have been in touch with the owner throughout this period, in which we were promised everything that was in the description on the site. When I arrived at 14 on December 30, at the entrance I was disgusted with the mess in the yard, not to mention the cold in the restaurant where we were going to make New Year's Eve dirty baths, and in men there was no toilet paper, dirty masses and under the tables were stuck chewing gum. I walked in and asked a lady who was at the bar and the dance told us to sit at the table, serve lunch and wait for the dancer's husband to come and go. She was fat with a bowl of soup that said it was her first day of work. After a 7-hour road done to this location, you realize that we were hungry. We served the table (soup) and no one else gets caught up in it someone in the group asked about the two ... and what you think there is not. God told us that sotu he is gone after the pig and he is coming, cut the pig and prepare the second way. We would like to participate in the cutting of the pig after nearly 400km, maybe we can get ready to prepare something for sausage, They did not have personal staff yet. Meanwhile, there was a group of 15-16 people who did not sit at the table and what did you think they had 2 pool tables and put them there and the poor of them started to eat What do they have in their baggage. But what to say they had the accommodation provided there. that it was a bigger group, but another story about accommodation. Waiting for the landlord to come and stay at once, hoping that the rooms will be okay, what do you see we are told we do not have accommodation in that hostel and that we have to go 4km. Finally, I went to that place where I given by a group of young people who had come the day before and who slept poor people in terrible conditions for being in the bedchamber where they sent us except that it was cold, mess, dirty ships I think they stayed from Christmas, I did not go back to the Ruby'nN guest room to ask for our money back and leave there and the landlord promised us that in 2 hours we will resolve the accommodation. I found in Pojorata a great pension where I stayed that night and we found to make the New Year's Eve at Campulung Moldovenesc in a wonderful hotel. My regret is that our friends chose to go elsewhere to a hostel that I knew and what extraordinary people are there but on another 300 and some kilometers we have stayed in the Bucovina area. It was an unpleasant experience (but at the same time pleasant for finding accommodation elsewhere and spending a New Year's Eve with wonderful people) and I wish that no other people would pass through it.
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