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Pensiunea Ozon

Beiusele (Bihor)

Beiusele (Bihor)

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Review made by: saveta

Review: I wonder what is the truth after two cold and one warm to hot, the mind does
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AVOID pass the threshold of this guesthouse!

Review made by: virgil

Review: After 14 km of road infamous as the last 14 km were completed in 2 hours we had a warm and more execrable. Instead hello owners first words were: If I knew that you are a group of 17 guys will get us! I omitted to say that we are a group of 17 engineers employed at a multinational +1 mate ... I was not allowed to listen to music than in the background, which means passing the background for the owner of the device in the OFF mode, the theme music I was teasing Friday evening to Sunday morning departure. I had colleagues who wanted to knock a little ball through the courtyard, do not think that we are athletes, and they used all 1:10 sqm courtyard ... or so it was ok ... it was grilled about phone us were promised wood to light the fire, the more I fire more space owner was grilled observation: beware of wood, for tomorrow will not longer have to makes fire ... in all 2.5 days stay at their location I chipped a glass by my estimation worth £ 1.5, reprimands were maximum for this minor thing ... stop here ... reasons are if you pota Juta and other details with the great pleasure!
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Total disappointment

Review made by: URBV

Review: * Avoid these so called people pass the threshold! To reach this cottage have to walk 14km on a road infamous after 2 hours of pain I managed to get through the 14km but hardly troubles here would begin. Owners very furrowed with some girls we have limited access to almost anything I tried to listen to some music, ca. 10min owners appeared and told us that they will not have trouble with neighbors should be given slowly, but slowly they mean to close the device with everything ... so called musical disagreements between us and the owners have continued throughout stay ... Phone promised us wood for the barbecue, we were 17 people wood for the barbecue were exhausted after about 3:00, I was advised by the owner to manage our woods so we get in the second other day nemaivazand from them ... I want to mention that during the 2.5 days we occlusions caused by a glass one after which I received reprimands awful ... repeatedly pass the threshold AVOID THEM!! ! The above are just some of the discomforts experienced by Messrs. owners, if you want more details can be helpful.
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Ozone Pension

Review made by: Lia

Review: The area is wonderful owners special people, very nice and attentive to the needs of tourists. We stayed in villa 2, beautiful, clean, with a large terrace and equipped with everything you need. We had a wonderful and happy to recommend the location.
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