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Mila 23 (Tulcea)

Mila 23 (Tulcea)
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Letea Forest is located in the northern part of the Delta, east of the village Rosetti. Strictly protected area covers only part of the total area of ??forest, part of which was placed under protection since 1930 and became a nature reserve since 1938.

Forest was developed in the form of wide strips ("hasmacuri") in the spaces between sand dunes and consists of oak meadow, maple, poplar, ash meadow, white lime.

A feature of the forest is the abundance of climbing plants: wild vine, hops, tendril forest and not least liana Greek (Periploca graeca) that gives an aspect Mediterranean forest. Also, there were identified over 2,000 species of insects, sand viper (Vipera ursinii) eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) - which nests here, three species of hawk, raven, etc..

Sand dunes (dunes Omer) in the west of the village Caraorman, about 500 m from it, are the dunes of fine sand, which can be found only in three places in Europe. These sand dunes are placed transvesal Caraorman the direction of flow of the Danube with the cord portion Letea is initially blocked the Gulf of Tulcea, turning it into a lagoon, which later spawned clogged and Delta .
Sand dunes of marine origin have heights up to 7.9 m and are semimobile, the wind carrying sand and grouping it around the plants you can. Dune called "Cuibisca" (the name comes from the nearby lake Cuibida) 20 years ago was very high, because the top of it was a tree that has set the sand around him. But after the tree from top to dry, wind swept sand dunes and reduced height for stretching them.

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