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Dunavatu De Jos (Tulcea)

Dunavatu De Jos (Tulcea)
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Delta is a unique space with over 1200 species of trees and plants, with the richest ornithological and ichthyological fauna of the continent. In the Danube Delta there are over 300 species of birds, including pelicans and unique colonies of about 100 species of fish from the Danube herring and sturgeon.

Delta is, in Europe, the largest reserve of wetlands, with an area of ??over 2,600 square kilometers. It was included in 1990 by UNESCO among biosphere reserves.

Delta is the largest remaining wetlands in Europe, being a special purpose, a unique place for relaxation and fun. Enisala-Jurilocva 17 km from here were found traces of Thracian settlements and Getae Getae.
Troesmis fortification, 3 km from the village Turcoaia fortified Thracian Getae mentioned in sec. III BC during the military conflict between Lysimachia-Dromichete.
Noviodunum fortress-Isaccea - Roman-Byzantine fortress with Celtic name, built in 369 AD
Arrubium-ground fortress - Celtic place-name, attested in 100 AD
Dinogetia city-Garvan-her name was first mentioned by Ptolemy in his famous work "Geographia".

Other historic sites: the ancient fortress, Chilia Veche (the Greek antiquity existed then was ruled by the Byzantines until dry. X) Salsovia Byzantine fortress.

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  • Local cuisine
Attractions and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Nature Reserves
  • Artistic and historical sites
Sport and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
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