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Pensiune Maramures

Ocna Sugatag (Maramures)

Ocna Sugatag (Maramures)
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Cimitiru happy Sapanta - is considered a true open air museum. Located in the village, the parish church, the museum comprises eight monuments of folk art. Created in 1935, became unique, because John craftsman Stan Patras.

Since 1934, the master put an epitaph on the crosses many graves, a short poem in first person, slightly ironic, thus giving new meaning to death. Each cross is a representation made in vivid colors, which narrates life the deceased and even cause death. Creator of the cemetery had to humor his own epitaph composed and carved and painted cross that marks his grave now.

Currently, the crosses are made by Ion Stan Patras master followers. Over the more than 70 years, the cemetery gathered more than 800 painted crosses.

Barsana Monastery - The first historic record which refer to Barsana Monastery dating from 1390, in a document dated July 21, 1390, on the royal family properties Dragos, mentioned a road bifurcates, leading to a boom in Barsana village, and the other at the monastery. Also in this document are mentioned Monastery Valley and Kings Hill.

In an act of ownership, from November 6, 1405, mentions a "field of the church". Other comments on the monastery property deeds are discovered in the royal family Dragos, between 1408-1480, the last act referring to Bartholomew Dragfi, voievoid of Transylvania.

Memorial Sighet Marmatiei pain.
Customs and traditions of the brilliant colors.
Cavnic ski slopes.

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