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Pensiunea Fratii Pasca

Barsana (Maramures)

Barsana (Maramures)

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Our favorite place in Bîrsana

Review made by: Iulia

Review: A quiet and spacious place, very close to the center of Bîrsana. The owners are incredibly welcoming, always making sure the guests' needs are met. This place has been our “home away from home” for the past 10 years. Would recommend it to anyone without hesitation!
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Hello, wonderful people !!!

Review made by: Durduc Delia

Review: I miss you ... I miss you so much ... Maramure? you have flowers ... Yes !!! It's been several months since, together with a team? that's great? of motorcyclists, we spent a dream weekend at Pensiunea Fra? Pa? ca !!! Great people, it's a little said ... Welcoming hosts? Wonderful accommodation conditions? Tasty food? "Like at home?" The words are far too poor to describe our experience. Tr? It? at Pensiunea Fra? ii Pa? ca! I remember with pleasure the joy with which our husbands, Easter, received us! The little girl, her joy and her good will, made us we always think about the beautiful moments spent together !!! We really miss everything ... That's why, this summer, we will prepare our luggage, and we will start the journey ... Where? "La Maramure", Fra? Ii Pa? Ca Guesthouse !!
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Holiday at Pensiunea Fratii Pasca Barsana

Review made by: Iovita Adriana

Review: Super! the most wonderful pension we felt wonderful here, in other words still at home. Clean, quiet, very good and tasty food, welcoming hosts. We thank Mariuca and Mihai. I will return with great love. Note 10
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Exceptional accommodation, superb vacation at Fratii Pasca

Review made by: Daniel C

Review: Good found! I'm not used to writing reviews, probably for convenience (which would not be a quality), but now I feel determined and even urged by a very strong soul to do it for some people who really deserve it. all my appreciation and that of my family! I live with my wife in England for 8 years and always, during the summer months, we make at least a few days to return to the country, home, the only place we can call "home", the only place where you feel truly happy, quiet and reconciled. Always, especially, seeing on the TV images and reports with the historical Maramures, among the few places that still keep alive and whole the soul and the spirit really Romanian, I ardently wanted to visit this real blessed land of God! Thus, in mid-August, coming with my wife on leave at home, in Romania, without too many previous plans, I took the parents, wife and brother, and before heading to Maramures! We did not have much time available to visit the Morosian beaches, except for 2-3 days, so we wanted to visit the beautiful Bârsana Monastery and the famous villages on the Izei Valley, for the beauty of the architecture of the beautifully carved wooden houses and gates. in the traditional archaic style and for the fame and skill of the few (unfortunately) popular craftsmen remaining, as well as for the well-known hospitality of the inhabitants of the respective areas (Bârsana, Ocna Sugatag, Cãlinesti, Serbian, Breb, Budesti, etc.). I didn't have a clear idea of what to expect on this trip, but only the hope in my soul that what I had seen on TV about Maramures could turn into a very special experience that would remind us that so underestimated, by foreigners, Romania, which we Romanians love so much or, at least, we should love, has to offer us really special things. The fame regarding the beauty of the places of Maramures and the kindness of the locals, from my point of view, is rightly attributed, and their reality, experienced on the spot, far exceeds, well, the power of word description, expression, sentence or the phrase !!! The locals have a power born to work good, to love their fellows and to respect their holy traditions and traditions! Maramures is truly a wonderful land, from where Romania draws its sage of Romanianism, Romanian culture and both Dacian and Romanian identity! Visiting the magnificent Maramures, time loses its connotations, so it is already late in the afternoon towards the end of the evening, when we realize that we have no accommodation for the night that was approaching vertiginously! Thus, leaving from Bârsana, towards Ocna Sugatag, with the thought that there we will find accommodation easier, being already between the two localities, leading, but with the tail of the eye directed to the fairy landscapes around us, I observe, on the right side of the road. , Fratii Pasca Guesthouse, that kind of specific Morosan pension, traditional wooden, with beautifully carved Morosan gates, being placed in a fairy frame, that is exactly the kind of house / boarding house / cottage for which you came to Maramures! Admire the pension I had passed a bit of it, put brake, marshaler and the car to the pension yard, already thinking that we would be very blessed if we found available places for accommodation in this wonderful pension! Getting out of the car, feeling the freshness of the air, looking around us and seeing that the boarding house has everything worked / carved incredibly beautifully in wood, including a terrace that at any time could function as a museum, including truly beautiful, antique, site-specific pieces. and the old Romanian-Morosian life, we suddenly felt like teleported into a story that our grandparents were reading in our childhood, we felt part of a dream that we didn't want to wake up to. I was instantly greeted with .........................
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