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Casa Mika Ciobanus

Ciobanus (Bacau)

Ciobanus (Bacau)
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Also at the hostel can embark on a hike to the television station 'Lapos''.

Caral railway station - valley Ciob?ni? - Tulburea Creek - Mt. Foot Lat (1224 m) - Vf. Hoary (1517 m) - Vf. Falconer (1343 m) - Vf. Cristes (1383m) - Vf. Burda (1378 m) - Obcina COSNA (1291 m) - Vf. Calves (1373 m) - Vf. blizzard (1494 m)

Distance traveled: 32 km.

Difference: 1000 m.

The forest road up the valley Ciob?ni? just behind the station.

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  • Vegetarian Menus
  • Children's menu
  • Local cuisine
  • Menu with farm products
Attractions and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Nature Reserves
  • Museums and galleries
  • Churches and monasteries
Sport and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Horse riding
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