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Casa Afetelor

Pipirig (Neamt)

Pipirig (Neamt)
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Ion Creanga Memorial House was built in 1830 by Petrea Ciubotariul grandfather, great story. The house was designed as a museum in 1951 and became one of the most visited museums memorial. Humulesti homes are large and beautiful, and in the center, at the crossroads, are the church and the school, in front of which is a statue of "Ion Creanga", the house where he was born and raised Nica's Stephen Petra, built probably in 1830 by Peter Ciubotariu, grandfather of the writer's father. He gave his son Stephen in 1835, when he married Smaranda Creanga of Pipirig. The house remained inheritance from generation to generation until 1965, when Zahei Gregoriou, one of the descendants storyteller, gave it to the museum for planning.

Neamt Monastery is about 10 km from Casa Afetelor on (DJ 155 C) and is the oldest and largest monastic settlement of Moldova. Over time Neamt Monastery held burning torch Romanian Orthodoxy in both countries and throughout South-East Europe. Since the formation of this monastic, monks devote writing art and craft of fine arts, specifically at that time only monastic life. Later, during St. Paisius occupations translation occurs, then in the nineteenth century to take office and printing.

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