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Vila Poiana Soarelui

Tarcau (Neamt)

Tarcau (Neamt)
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Villa Poiana sun - sitting in a meadow a meadow unique offers, besides the wonder of nature and so darn wonderful tranquility of the mountain, and the opportunity to relax with family and friends, and privacy that you need and who feel may lack in tumultuous everyday life. If you are tired of concrete, horns and heat, either living in Bucharest, Iasi and Timisoara - here you feel like regaining communion with nature, the actual appearance that God has built it originally.

Away from the noise, the murmur of the river just invite Tarcau nearby Glade Sun villa sits haughty in nature and yet close to other celestial wonders or created by man.

Sincerely expect to get out of town and recreate what you know you deserve, with your loved ones in a particular place.

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Guest House, Holiday rental, Villa
Type of accommodation:
Room only
Always Open
Pets allowed
Teambuilding activities
Typical products on sale
Barbecue in the yard
Place for tents/camper

sat Cazaci nr 136 - Cazaci617445 Tarcau, Neamt

We offer 5 rooms with double bed, bathroom, private balcony, we provide kitchen to prepare your what you like most, with barbecue, patio and terrace with WiFi, TV, free parking, the opportunity to put you about ordinary people who grow up in clean cows and chickens to eat something natural. Allows you to cut your wood with your hand to bring your own story to recount the noose around the fire.

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