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Pensiunea Ioana

Curtea De Arges (Arges)

Curtea De Arges (Arges)

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Very well!

Review made by: Corina Albut

Review: I was very satisfied with the services Ms. Mihaela Georgescu. I stayed at Pension Ioana because they did not have seats but we were given a room across from another hostel we were very pleased. Cleanliness and welcoming host. Thank you for hosting Ms. Mariana. We strongly recommend.
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» [Pensiunea Ioana] reply: Va multumim pentru aprecieri si o sa transmitem mesajul Dvs dnei Mariana.

nice, clean and polite people

Review made by: Inga

Review: The camera looks great and it was clean. I came earlier than I said but it was not a problem, the person in charge was very nice and solved immediately. We enjoyed the breakfast which was good and varied, was also cheap. Thank you for everything!
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» [Pensiunea Ioana] reply: Va multumim pentru aprecieri.
Thank you very much for your feedback.

Pension Ioana

Review made by: Petrovici Alin

Review: Breakfast very good value - very good price! Personal cleanliness and very welcoming! Bravo!
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» [Pensiunea Ioana] reply: Va multumim foarte mult pentru aprecieri, Dl. Petrovici. Oricand veti dori sa va reintoarceti, va asteptam cu mare drag si veti fi binevenit.

I forgot to say ...

Review made by: Buculei Constantin

Review: Mihaela Georgescu her name? Tan? ra chucks? guesthouse "John" ... I'm sorry!
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» [Pensiunea Ioana] reply: Intradevar, numele meu este Georgescu Mihaela, denumirea pensiunii avand alta "radacina".


Review made by: Buculei

Review: In July 2013 I f? Cut one goings trapped Tour novel that it starts with a 9 days on next?, The Court of Arge?. Incidentally c? route of the day was very long? And I came very late, at 23:00-24:00 am ... Here I want to? sees and if I Our host? deserves full marks? admire? take our? ... go all the way after? 17:00 I was called to our future? host?, we pray to? not garden bim, s? Drive safely, c? but if we have problems? we delay, this after? you assess that? will probably arrive late at their destination? take that zile.GPS our pointed us specifically address I z? rite away a lady Joanna Tan? ra? them our sympathy? host?. welcomed us, asked us to have? n? health of our route, all short? with good intentions? ie sim to us and well? them relax? them after? Our stunt? the delay ... He would? tat where? park? m me? machine (in the courtyard "John"), and presented us room guesthouse? i wished we sleep slightly, we could not before? your pc where? t? ria? and where we have taken the next day for breakfast. You have to notice everything endowment with what I hope? AND it?'s Wishes? Tourist in your room or bathroom, but not so, but after 4-star standards ... The next day morning, at breakfast, which was not only small, it was actually a the breakfast could opt for 5-6 jams, vreo3-4 teas, coffee makers, coffee maker, white sugar cubes or crystal, brown sugar, sausage about 2 ways? unc? , Rolls?, About 2-3 m? Trademarks, bread pr? Jita, bread toast, butter, margarine?, Juice 3-4 ways?'s Other hope there? not forgetting something, that have excited easily?'s simple ... I was curious to find out where this particular concern?, for c? spanned nearly half? Tate? would?, arrived in about 8-9 hostels?'s not g? sisem nic? yesterday a combination? ie so happy?, pre?, quality, fairness (this was the only place I got tax receipt)? i nic? yesterday also Attention:? such a service and a high quality standard so ... mystery? ... lady, very tan? r?, finished years ago a faculty Tourism, work in area? the reception? ioner?'s not? know what else the hotel r? blown on time, so that? could compare (you learn? six with you there)?'s conclusions as po? is? Like? Tigi client as well? them as po? him that? earn, you as a businessman in tourism ... Such a man should be encouraged by ourselves to?'s what I do even I today although it, too late ... I hope there? read? ever? comment (the pensioner b? c? UAN? him of it? take mine)? is? AIB? courage to go forward on that?'s way ... Congratulations? countries! ... V? Recommended? Thus with c? heat? honestly go? them? choose?'s most trusted pension "Joan" in Curtea de Arge?
(Translated with Google Translate)

» [Pensiunea Ioana] reply: Va multumim foarte mult pentru aprecierile Dvs. Ne bucuram ca v-ati simtit bine la Pensiunea noastra, astfel incat v-ati amintit sejurul Dvs chiar si dupa jumatate de an. Ne-am bucura foarte mult daca veti dori sa ne treceti pragul si anul acesta.

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