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Arefu (Arges)

Arefu (Arges)
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Located on city-Poienari Caprisoara mountain spur, at an altitude of 850 meters, protected by steep slopes, the city guards for centuries Poienari into Arges gorge.
Following archaeological research has determined that it was built in the late thirteenth century, before the reign of Vlad the Impaler and made part of a strategic plan to defend the northern border of Wallachia. Vlad the Impaler, nicknamed Dracula, the city rebuilt and strengthened.
The defense walls are 2-3 meters thick. Entry into the city was made under the stone tower on a bridge. Once up the bridge, the city became completely isolated.
Access to the city is climbing the 1,480 steps in a beech forest. Reached the top of the mountain, guests will enjoy a city view impressive, will not be forgotten.

Arges Monastery - built of stone Albesti, with the founder on Neagoe (1512 - 1521) is one of the most famous monuments in Romania. His fame is linked to the legend of Master Manole is known throughout the world. Princely Church, Basarab family built in XIV century, is a classic Byzantine church, a monument of Romanian medieval art and architecture. Here are frescoes from different periods of time, but most valuable are those that are dated during rulers Vladislav I Vlaicu and Radu I.

The dam and lake-Lake Vidraru Vidraru accumulation was born in 1966 and is located on the Arges River, on an area of 28 km length. Situated between the mountains and Ghitu forehead, rivers gather Goat Lake, Buda and of several direct tributaries: River Lady, topology, Valley of Stan and clear.
Vidraru Dam was at the time of inauguration, the fifth in Europe and ninth in the world among similar buildings. Dam construction lasted five and a half years and is based on slopes and Vidraru Pleasa. Maximum water depth is 155 m high dam near 166 m.

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