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Breaza (Prahova)

Breaza (Prahova)
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The Church of St. Nicholas , located at the intersection of Republicii and Garii streets, was founded in 1777 by ruler Alexandru Ipsilante. Raised on a stone foundation, it is decorated on the outside with medallions of saints. This church was declared a historical monument for its interior and exterior architecture and painting, but also for its age of over two centuries.
The "Toma Cantacuzino" mansion is located in the central park of the city, having been founded by Toma Cantacuzino in the 17th century. Personalities such as: the writer Ion Ghica, Grigore Alexandrescu, the writer Anne de Noailles-née Brancoveanu, Martha Bibescu have stayed at this mansion.

The monuments "Honor the memory of the ancestors" located on Garii street, Republicii street and Sunatorii street were erected by the Brese sculptor Tudor Gheorghe. The bronze portraits made by the artist show us the forerunners of Breza.
The monument to the heroes of Gura Beliei - Breaza has the shape of an obelisk with an eagle. It was erected in memory of all fallen Romanian soldiers over time for the unity of the nation.
The monument to the heroes of the nation from Gurga Breaza de Sus was built in 1930 on the Gurga hill, at 743 m altitude. It is an 11 m high cross erected in memory of the fallen heroes in the First World War (1916-1918).

Nicolae Grigorescu Memorial Museum - Campina - Banesti

Also located in Campina, the Nicolae Grigorescu Memorial Museum was set up in the house where the painter lived the last part of his life and was made available to the general public in 1957. Grigorescu, the soul painter of the Romanians, chose this city for the air or patriarchal and especially for the surroundings of incomparable beauty, which were otherwise a source of permanent inspiration. The museum hosts in the master's workshop numerous paintings and sketches from all periods of his creation (Barbizon, War of Independence, White Period). About 100 paintings are presented here in an authentic original setting, evoking the atmosphere of the beginning of the century.

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