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Vila Madalina

Baile Govora (Valcea)

Baile Govora (Valcea)
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Buila-Vanturarita - is located in the central-northern part of Valcea County Skull Mountain. Massif stands out from the main chain of them, both by disposition and by the constitution and relief.

Trovantilor Museum - are strange, bizarre, formed spherical or ellipsoidal look like figure eight. They have different sizes, from a few centimeters to several meters. "They are born" in a sandy hill, down a steep detach and fall in a valley. Costesti Valcea stones are common, scientifically called Trove.

Monastery tails - is situated 2 km from Calimanesti, dating from the time of Mircea the Elder and is an important historical monument in terms of political and cultural role of the period, but also because the original architecture that reflects oriental influences and south of the Danube ;

Calcescu Lake - a glacial lake located in the basin type Lotru of Parang. It lies at an altitude of 1980m, has an area of ??0.55 ha and a maximum depth of 4 m.

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