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Trebujeni (Moldova)

Trebujeni (Moldova)
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Pension "Meadow House" is located in the village Trebujeni Orhei. This village is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery and is close to the open-air museum "Old Orhei", which includes the reservation "Trebujeni".

Reserve is situated in the valley of the river Raut. It includes a portion shaped canyon Raut and its tributaries - Ivancea right Draghinici to the left. The valleys of these rivers were formed by erosion of calcareous stones Sarmatian be presented today in the form of steep slopes dotted with numerous caves. In the beds of water has shaped fords and small waterfalls. On the steeps Raut several monasteries preserved medieval cave. Slopes of the valleys are covered with forests, in which wild animals.

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Attractions and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Nature Reserves
  • Churches and monasteries
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