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Sambata De Sus (Brasov)

Sambata De Sus (Brasov)
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Sambata de Sus Monastery is represented by a monastic monks, situated on the river Saturday, at the foot of the Fagaras Mountains. It was documented in 1654, when the village Saturday Upper Brancoveanu take possession of Preda.
Initially, there was a wooden church here dedicated to the double (Assumption and Healing Spring), built in 1657. Later, between 1696-1707, the initiative of Prince Constantin Brancoveanu was built for the monks built a church near hermits.

Fagaras Fortress was first mentioned in documents in 1455, although construction work had started in the late fourteenth century, the fortifications instead of XII-XIII century.

Representative of the Renaissance, the city is based on Transylvanian Gothic imprint.
Since 1526 was led by Prince of Transylvania, Stefan Mailath, for 15 years. In 1599 came into possession of Prince Michael the Brave, who with his family sheltered here during the fighting in 1599-1600. Also, the city was used as a residence for principles Transylvania, Transylvanian Diet functioning here.
While degraded and used as prisons (1948-1960), where political prisoners were incarcerated.
After 1965, the fortress began planning a museum works, opened today.

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