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Tohanu Nou (Brasov)

Tohanu Nou (Brasov)
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Bran castle

Bran Castle is located less than 30 km from Bra?ov, on the road that exits through the old Bartolomeu district and that connects Bra?ov to Cāmpulung. Bran Castle is built on a rock, in a key point from a strategic point of view. It currently houses the Bran Museum, a museum that stretches over the 4 floors of the castle. The museum exhibits collections of pottery, furniture, weapons and armor, and in the castle courtyard there is a small museum of the village, with traditional houses from the Ruc?r-Bran corridor region.


Brasov Black Church

The Black Church is the evangelical church located in the center of Brasov. The building was built around 1380 (probably starting with 1377) in Gothic style. The church, originally Catholic, was first known as St. Mary's Church. The building was partially destroyed after the great fire of 1689, when it received its current name. The Black Church is one of the most representative monuments of Gothic architecture in Romania.

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