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Gospodaria Lui Nea Ion

Vama Buzaului (Brasov)

Vama Buzaului (Brasov)
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From the passion for beauty and the desire to preserve the tradition of the Romanian village, to carry on our customs, traditions, we managed to gather an impressive collection of authentic folk costumes, art objects, paintings in a location in Vama Buzaului and we are ready to we welcome all those who want to visit us and to whom we can show what is meant by the Romanian folk tradition, the beauty of the settlement of the household in the middle of nature unchanged too much for man.

Gospodaria Lui Nea Ion

A place full of history both in the settlement, keeping the traditions and customs of our ancestors, the lives of the people in the Romanian village, all this making time seem to have remained.
The location is 45 km from Brasov and it is surrounded by a rich forest that offers clean and quiet air but also the possibility to see the surroundings with interesting objectives to visit.

Gospodaria consists of two locations, arranged with old but well-maintained furniture, pearl carpets, showcases full of old authentic Romanian items (icons, old books, ceramics, folk costumes, old carpets and old fabrics) from all over the country.

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Str. Dalghiu nr 510 - 507245 Vama Buzaului, Brasov

Great house with paintings

It was originally built in 1929 and was made up of a large room, a small room, anteroom, surah and stable.
It was later restored, changing the destination of the rooms as follows: the stable became the dining room where you can still see a part of the animal feedstock and the surah where the fan was stored became a kitchen.
Walls have been turned into a double room and the bridge has been transformed into two suites.
The furniture in each room has its specific features dating from 1800 to 1900 in the style of Louis XVI and the Baroque Piemontez.
The name of each room is given by the painting theme with which it is decorated, paintings painted by Romanian painters known and less well known.
In the house there are showcases that host a lot of old objects collected during the years that can be admired during the stay.

So the painting house is composed of two double rooms (royal room and nude room) and two suites (2 adults + 2 children) - the flower and landscape suite with its own bathroom. The house has an elegant lobby, a fully equipped kitchen and a rustic-style dining room.

The Old House "Grandma Ion's Rope"

It dates from 1908, built of wooden barns, suspended on a dry stone foundation.
The house still retains the interior of the building and the exterior of the building for more than a century.
Inside the furniture and the restored objects make us feel the life of our grandfathers, while offering the same conditions. A combination of authentic tradition that resists the temptations of modernity.
The Prispa House offers relaxing places on the two ladders as old as the house.

This room accommodates 4 people in 2 double rooms with shared bathroom.

We are waiting for you with a cup of boiled wine and a pie and hospitality specific to the people of the country.
The kitchen and dining room for both locations in the household.

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