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Pensiunea Rasnov

Rasnov (Brasov)

Rasnov (Brasov)
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Rasnov Fortress.'s One of the best preserved peasant fortress in Transylvania and was built in the XIII - XIV by settlement residents of the same name, with the main goal to defend against attacks Tartars. The first mention of the city dates from 1335, when a new invasion of Tartars when Barsa was devastated again, outside of the city of Tampa and Rasnov Fortress, which could not be conquered. Rasnov location on the trade route linking Transylvania Romanian Country assured early economic development. The settlement was primarily a transit mall since 1427, with weekly fair right granted by King Sigismund of Luxembourg and the neighborhood has retained important Brasov, the largest shopping center in southern Transylvania in relations with Southeast Europe. Within the city tourists can visit the feudal art museum so they are exposed armor, weapons, galleries, old furniture, but specific ports century and some more unusual items for our time, but common in the seventeenth century and eighteenth century such as: torture mask and a yoke for transporting prisoners.

Cave Castle Valley (1.5 km from Rasnov) of Castle Valley nature reserve is an excellent tourist attraction located two steps away from Rasnov Fortress. Laculetele that reflect perfectly enigmatic formations shaped by water and air which surrounds an imposing cathedral hall, with more than 30,000 cubic meters of his, one eye open volute story ceiling and a white limestone arches as you rarely see in the world.
Designed with the latest technology, offering a path and a cave lighting makes a claustrophobic forget the walls that surround it and feel in a crystal palace.

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