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Templars Inn

Sambata De Sus (Brasov)

Sambata De Sus (Brasov)

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Review made by: Stanescu Andreea

Review: Everything was superlative !! Clean room, clean bathroom, very good food! We'll be back in a month!
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Everything is superlative!

Review made by: Oila Valentina Mihaela

Review: If? You are a person who accepts and suffers after rules, if? He likes the cleanliness and cleanliness, hearty breakfasts and fun outdoors, you have in the family and an animal you do not want to share with others, here is for you. I liked everything and I'm sorry? I did not have much more time to spend here ... But YOU WANT YOU!
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I was at Templars Inn

Review made by: Radulescu Codrut

Review: wonderful places, wonderful people, gorgeous New Year 2015. Surely we will return this summer. I highly recommend.
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Review made by: Zamfir Costinela

Review: This year I missed our misfortune ......... Waiting for the New Year.
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I was there!

Review made by: Ioana Spataru

Review: I was last summer. Very nice and the scenery and pension. The surroundings are great and the pool makes all the money, including dog Panda.
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