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Cabana Bulzureana

Valea Draganului (Cluj)

Valea Draganului (Cluj)

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A dream place

Review made by: Anca

Review: We spent 2 nights at this cottage and enjoyed the atmosphere. The hosts were good, reliable and respectful people. Although we occupied only one room, the entire cottage was at our disposal, we had access to a fully equipped kitchen and the entire clean cottage. And the location and the landscape were dreamed?
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Cabana Bulzureana, oasis

Review made by: Constanta Marincean

Review: Typically, for some years, to reunite the whole family (~ 30 people), in different locations. This year the option was Bulzureana cottage (where we stayed 20 people). I eagerly awaited (and emotions, after reading one of the reviews) meeting with the owner. From the beginning I was impressed by the kindness and hospitality with which we were received. I was led in each room (and although totally isolated, I noticed the cleanliness and good taste, pleasant smell, bedding impeccable. In one room, the bathroom door was damaged but I hope to be repaired in the meantime). Splendid, the murmur of water, the tranquility that surrounds you, all promising a perfect stay (and so it was) .Duminica we could not get out ... The three days flew like a dream but we remained great memories for we also thank our hosts, spouses Pascalau
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Unimaginable situation

Review made by: Andreea Ivascu

Review: I booked this 3 bedroom cottage for a month before the period May 1 to 4. The day before I got a call from the owner to confirm that coming. We started on May 1 in the morning and at around 2 owner called us back and asked us to confirm that we come and we need 3 rooms. When I told them that indeed this is the case, told us he has no rooms available that has received a request from some Slovaks and occupied rooms, but as we looked for accommodation in the village at someone. In that moment I wondered if they're the same conditions, because we were coming from Timisoara, 260 km from a dog with us and the owner started laughing into the phone and told me to talk when we get there. Once there we found out that actually knew one day it will be filled cottage experienced before. The owner said we called to confirm, just to know if we are looking for accommodation in the village. He went to the village in a box, I learned, was not the first time they used for this purpose (it seems that quite often the two take bookings when they were just overwhelmed ability to make money in addition to the other box). That box was unheated, have not separated three rooms, all with 3-4 beds in them, beds 800 m by 160-170m, the little children, in any case of adults, an old tile in one of the rooms. I could not imagine staying there given that they would not even let us in the house with the dog (puppy small size of apartment), although initial settlement last on site, is that accept pets. We started back in the board asking the board if there percent seats available so I learned from another chalet that after a few hours, a group of 15 people went through the asking of places in the same case: although the time reserved to and Mr. Cabana Bulzunreana confirmed booking them when they arrived at the scene they found out that their only option would be to check in box kids beds in the yard of the neighbors.
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