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Bagaciu (Mures)

Bagaciu (Mures)
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The village of B?gaciu is documented in 1351, with the name Bogeschdorf. The evangelical church in the village of B?gaciu, under the German name of Bogeschdorf, was built with the stone brought from the Cibin Mountains. It was built a few decades later, at the beginning of the 15th century, before 1421. The oval fortification around the church had 8 meters high defense walls with wooden watchtops, now missing.
The visitor who comes to B?gaciu can see the beautiful sculpted side, adorned with the 16th century intars, being perhaps the most beautiful of all that has been preserved in the churches of the Saxon village. A Latin inscription on a side on the south side of the choir says that the sides were carved by Johann Reichmut, the Sighisoara carpenter, in 1533. What draws attention is the sculptures inside the church of B?gaciu which, to the surprise of the viewer, fantastic covered with inscriptions. The owl, a symbol of sinners who worshiped the night, and of Christ's modesty, warns from the inside of the church: "I am a bird and I call my owl, who hates me, to cut the bard."

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