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Cehu Silvaniei (Salaj)

Cehu Silvaniei (Salaj)
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Silvaniei Cehu city, situated at a distance of 34 km from Zalau, together with the four localities: - Horoatu Cehul, Motis, Nadis and Ulciug form a territorial administrative units with a total area of 67.77 km2 situated in terms of Depression geographically to contact Salaj and Salaj with depression Guruslau Peak in Salaj river basin.

Although documented only since 1405, as the Chehy (1854 - Cseh Szilagyi), in 1319 it signaled the presence of a fortress of land, "Castrum Cheevar" which apparently was meant to defend the settlement of the current city precincts Cehu Silvaniei. In the city's history is recorded for different periods of prosperity and economic prosperity, but also decay. You can remember building the fortified castle in 1526 by Cehul Belteki Dragffi Janos, given the privilege of Sigismund Bathory castle in 1529 to govern, the siege of the city by mid-century Austrian imperial armies of the sixteenth century, repeated army siege Ottoman fortress role played during the rebellion curuti revolutionary movement of 1848, the two world wars and the communist period, are only a few episodes that have left their mark on the economic development of the settlement.

Among the objectives of tourist interest, historical monuments, architecture and nature reserves within this area should be mentioned:
- Meadow Nature Reserve (with variegated tulip) - situated on the territory of the city Cehu Silvaniei, about 1 km from the city;
occupies a total area of ??10 ha;
Fritillaria meleagris protect the population (motley tulip, pot);
tulip is located on a meadow higrofila, floral and quite varied in terms of diverse aspect fitocenotic;
due to drainage and overgrazing, the number of copies of variegated tulip has dropped dramatically.
- Reformed Church (1519)
- Wooden Church "Archangels" (XVIII)
- Wooden Church "Archangels" (1738) from Nadis
- Wooden Church "Assumption" (1781) from Ulciug
- Wooden Church "Archangels" (1749) from Horoatu Cehul.
- Fountain Stone (XVI century)
- Nature Reserve "Meadow with variegated tulip" - Salaj Valley (10 ha).

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Attractions and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Nature Reserves
  • Artistic and historical sites
  • Spa
  • Churches and monasteries
Sport and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Fishing
  • Tennis
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