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Sibiu (Sibiu)

Sibiu (Sibiu)
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Sibiu is full of sights and places to be visited, mostly concentrated in the historic city center and around it. So you do not need transport (comfortable shoes are recommended), but you can cross on foot all the historic and medieval air you breathe will wrap after the first step. Here the tourist attractions that you will encounter:

1. Union Square - Upper Town is at an altitude of 400 m; from here you can easily reach the resort resort.

Unirii Square, Sibiu

2. Radu Stanca National Theatre - theater first opened to the public in Transylvania. There is an avenue of stars project will stretch from theater to Castle Street.

The National Theatre Radu Stanca, Sibiu

3. fortress walls - served as a bulwark of the city; when the Evangelical Church bells were heard, meant that follows an attack.


4. Bust of Francis I - Emperor of Austria - because of his visit Sibiu was electrified (the electrified third city in Austro-Hungarian Empire after Vienna and Timisoara).


5. The three towers - were built of stone and brick and is part of the fortified enclosure III of the city:

? Potters Tower

Potters Tower Sibiu-

? Gunsmiths Tower

Gunsmiths Tower Sibiu-

? Carpenters Tower

Carpenters tower-Sibiu

6. House Journeymen - the only of its kind in Romania; August traditionally dressed many journeymen come and participate in various crafts.

Journeymen House Sibiu

7. State Philharmonic - Thalia Hall - here are held concerts, festivals, tango, jazz, folk music performances etc.


8. Natural History Museum - the second in Romania in terms of number of exhibits.


9. Street Printers - Market Schiller - Hermannstadter Zeitung - the first newspaper in Sibiu.


10. Bust of Schiller - is bronze and was created because of the great contributions to the development of education Schiller's German.

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  • Local cuisine
Wellness and fitness:
  • Massage
  • Special Wellness (chocolate, wine, hay...)
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  • Nature Reserves
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