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Pensiunea Nicoleta

Saliste (Sibiu)

Saliste (Sibiu)
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The museum of glass icons Fr. Zosim Oancea from Sibiel - includes the largest collection of glass icons from Transylvania (XVIII-XIX centuries) - created by Father Zosim Oancea, after 1970. Father Zosim founded not only the museum and practically and rural tourism in Romania. The museum has the largest collection of old glass icons in the world. The collection includes old icons, not only from Sibiel, but also from Moldova, Banat, Nicula Area, Fagaras Country. The icons are over 200 years old and are made on hand-created glass and painted in natural plant colors by locals.

The Monument of the Romanian Heroes from the First World War. The cross is located in the Heroes' Square in S?li?te and was unveiled in 1933. The monument is made of wood and has a height of 4 m, being built on the initiative of the "Society of the Cult of Heroes". On the facade of the Trinity is the following inscription: "Raised in the third year of the reign of His Majesty King Charles II, to honor the heroes of the nation."

The Church of the Heroes from Foltea-S?li?te was built between 1922-1923, on the initiative of the Metropolitan of Transylvania Dr. N. B?lan, at the insistence of Archpriest Dr. D. Bacia and engineers D. Marcu, Ilie Martin, as well as of the epitrope D. Ghiboiajin, using the donations of the inhabitants of S?li?te. The church is made of stone and wood, and the interior is decorated with icons and murals. In the place of worship are inscribed the names of 25 Romanian heroes who fell on the Austrian front, between 1914-1919, as well as the names of 32 Romanian heroes, who fell on the Romanian front, between 1916-1919.

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