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Pensiunea Paraul Rece

Cartisoara (Sibiu)

Cartisoara (Sibiu)

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Superba loca?ie

Review made by: Mariana Geanina

Review: ????????

Pain of potential!

Review made by: Pica Monica

Review: It's the fifth consecutive year in which we go to this hostel, sometimes several days, sometimes just one night. But this year we made a decision: we will look for another pension. Sin, it was nicely integrated into the landscape, the food was good, not extraordinary; I would have liked to have local products at breakfast, not the big stores, as the area is full of local producers. The cleanliness is ok but the linen, though clean, was worn down to break, the extraordinarily small towels, the ones that find the ones you just use to wipe your hands, and the body ones were actually the normal ones. The feet were completely missing, so you went out of the shower with your wet feet directly on the sandstone, there being the danger of slipping easily. The quality of the towel ... old, harsh, gray. If you want to rest, it's not the right place. With its restaurant and terrace, and the adjoining room, the rooms are not isolated. So you want it or not, you'll be lying down later and waking up early, that's right on musical rhythms, not necessarily among everyone's preferences! Staff in general leave much to be desired. Starting with the big ones. But we also found some 2 employees, small cartes, probably still students with holiday work, who were more benevolent. Conclusion: Pity of potential!
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not recommended

Review made by: Liana

Review: Employers do not provide hot water and no urate.Bai old incalzire.Prosoape great, but just tub, no shower, no water in vain anyway incalzite.Nu tax receipt is issued or factura.Preturi 3 stars, but only one condition maybe even both.
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Review made by: Stefan

Review: I had been to the cottage about 2 years ago, and we love summer. Food tasty, not pretentious, but f. Good and clean room with bathroom - just what we wanted for. Fagaras make a shift, but with some comfort. With this memory, I tried and now in January. I was not inspired at all. Prices have remained good - and accommodation and food. Contact the owner tells me that we can sleep and call me the next day to tell us the price of accommodation + meals. Do not call me. I call him again - had to realize that I sign! Ask if they have something weddings, sponsorships through the weekend because they know we can not sleep if we organize it. I say it's a small party but living in an adjacent room and did not bother us at all. Also, we can take meals at the hostel! We arrive Friday evening at 7:45. A waiter, the only man in the hostel, tells us that the chef had left, but as he warms us a soup. Ok. Rate menu does not correspond to the bill; I say; tells me that he has no use and I want the owner !!!? The day begins tambalaul, and the room in question (which I had) but also in the restaurant below, which is not separated from the rooms. Ok, go over and swallow. On 12 night anymore and yet not go down to her - in an end stop. Sunday: down to dinner at 7:30. The same waiter: chef left! Well good sir, why do not we dare you tell us, as we are the only customers around the cottage! Him: I had to get off sooner !!!! When, I say? Him: but I know; chef comes and goes when he wants when he wants !!!! I thought I was in a Kafka novel; I could not believe my ears. We heats for. 2nd time a ciroba. He say again, as in previous days that we needed accommodation invoice or voucher. Yes, yes, yes. Monday morning: we make an invoice or voucher? He: "I? No - I do not know factrusi and accommodation voucher can not give." Again I find that I do not hear well. Well good sir, I told you not all these days like Monday morning will we need it? F. upset begins to show some telfefoane. Someone will come from Arpasu, write an invoice. Appears after about 15 min. It took 30 min. the clock to write the bill !!! No kidding. Do not you "Hello" not you "How did you feel". In fact I suspect that know exactly how we felt !!! Better said from the beginning that it's dark cottage, if not even feel any opportunity to serve you! Too bad - it stay completely wiped feel good that I now had a 'few years.
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Review made by: Flory

Review: There will be staying at this hostel very much noise, bad food and poorly trained staff. If you want a relaxing holiday around this board!
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