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Pensiunea Casa Porojan

Haieu (Bihor)

Haieu (Bihor)
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Casa Porojan Pension, located at the entrance to Baile 1 Ma and Baile Felixi, in a quiet area, offers an ideal setting especially for families with children. We are waiting for you in a friendly space, with various rooms, a generous yard, large terraces and a spacious parking lot.

In the summer season we invite you to enjoy the sun and cool off in the pool or jacuzzi. We provide sunbeds, a place for barbecues, a playground for children. We have two terraces where you can stay with family, friends for a story or you can dine together, all so that you have a pleasant stay.

We are proud of the fact that we can receive tourists in a rustic setting, with lots of greenery and that we can offer tourists hot water heated with solar panels.

The pension also has: 1 fully equipped and equipped kitchen for clients, wireless internet, refrigerator on each floor, 2 dining rooms, grill place (for barbecue), parking and 2 terraces.
The pool has the dimensions of 5 * 10 meters at a depth of 1, 50-1, 75 meters and jacuzzi 3, 3 * 3, 3 meters at a depth of 0.7 meters.
The price is negotiated in case of large groups and longer accommodation periods.

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Guest House
Type of accommodation:
Room only
Always Open
Swimming pool
Playground for children
Credit cards welcome
Barbecue in the yard

Cartier Baile 1 Mai - 417501 Haieu, Bihor


  • The tourist day starts at 15.00 and ends the second day at 11.00
  • Access to the hostel is between 06.30 - 24.00
  • Guests who are visiting must leave the guesthouse by 23.30 at the latest
  • The retention program is between 23.30 and 06.30 and 15.30 to 17.30.
  • When leaving the room, please turn off the light and the TV to make sure you shut off all the water taps.
  • When leaving the kitchen, please close the gas from the cylinder, water and turn off the light.
  • The kitchen is available to all customers but it is designed for simple dishes
  • Whoever uses the dishes and kitchen cutlery must also cleanse them.
  • Pay attention to the depth of the pool that varies between 1.55 and 1.75 meters
  • Access to the pool is only allowed for guests staying in the guesthouse
  • The access to the swimming pool is between 08.00-22.00 (as long as outside is the day)
  • It is forbidden to swim in the pool during the night (after 22.00 the pool water is treated)
  • For any malfunctions you have to notify the pension manager, do not try to repair yourself.
  • Any destruction made by your fault must be paid until departure.
  • For the comfort of all please do not smoke in the room, there are smoke-free places on the balcony, terrace or yard.
  • People who want to prepare a barbecue can do it only in the specially arranged place.
  • After each use of the grill, the fire will go out with water.
  • In case of early departures it must be announced at the reception at least 24 hours in advance

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