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Casa de vacanta traditionala Romaneasca

Schiulesti (Prahova)

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You can make trips to the mountains, with wonderful trails and landscapes. You can visit Crasna Monastery located 2 km, Slanic Prahova Resort - 4 km, Valeni de Munte Town-8 km, Cheia Resort-17 km, Maneciu Dam, Brasov City -60 km. Below you will find some details about Crasna Monastery and Slanic Prahova Resort. In summer you can cool off in the waters of the river Crasna-500 meters from the location. All in all, you can have a wonderful vacation, in a place full of positive energy.

Crasna Hermitage (2 km to climb the mountain) - Crasna Monastery is a Romanian Orthodox monastery located in the village of Schiule?ti, Prahova County, 50 km N of Ploie?ti on the Ploie?ti-Bra?ov road through V?lenii de Munte - Cheia, within the commune of Izvoarele, being built in the forest, near the Crasna river, at the foot of the Ursoaia mountains.
The first documentary attestation, an act of donation showing that here was a hermitage of monks with a wooden church, dates from 1745. [1]
The secularization of the monastic fortunes in 1864, causes the hermitage to decay and the 2-3 monks who remained dedicated it to the Cheia monastery and changed its name to the Crasna hermitage. In 1920, when he had only one monk left

Slanic Prahova (5 km) - The springs with mineral water containing compounds of calcium, chlorine, sodium, sulfur (used since 1885, when the resort began to develop) and lakes (Baia Baciului, Baia Rosie, Baia Porurilor, Lacul Verde ) with high salt concentration, are used to treat many diseases.

Facilities for baths with hot mineral waters in bathtubs, cold baths in the lake, applications of hot mud, for gynecological treatments and for electrotherapy. The old salt mine (Unirea) was transformed into a sanatorium - at a depth of 210 m - for the treatment of respiratory diseases in the salt air microclimate. The resort has a spa complex as well as many villas, pavilions and private houses for accommodation. Intensive tourism in the area is also determined by the existence, at Slanic, of a mountain uncovered by salt (nature reserve) and by the existence of the picturesque Bride's Lake (or Brides' Grotto, 425 square meters, 20 m deep) which was formed in 1914, by the collapse. a salt mine.

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  • Local cuisine
  • Menu with farm products
Wellness and fitness:
  • Sauna / turkish bath
Attractions and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Museums and galleries
  • Spa
  • Churches and monasteries
Sport and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Hiking
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