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Complex Satul Muzeu-Bistrita

Bistrita (Bistrita Nasaud)

Bistrita (Bistrita Nasaud)
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Everything is done with great attention to detail. All that was possible from the traditional side was preserved, and what was worked tried to harmonize with what was inside. Each house has about 2-3 accommodation places, and they are located in a very quiet area on Strada Valea Ghinzii, 2.5 km from the town of Bistrita.

Time seems to stop in place as soon as you enter the road leading to them. The attention to detail is seen everywhere, from the wooden tables surrounded by flowers and vines, to the old carpets and to the way the rooms are decorated. Beyond the traditional side, they have all the comforts of modern times: bathrooms, kitchens equipped with everything you need. The houses are rented by the turn, without table services, and the tourists have all the intimacy they need.

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Guest House, Holiday rental, Historic house
Entire facility
Type of accommodation:
Room only
Always Open
Wellness centre
Barbecue in the yard

Strada Ghinzii nr. 166-168 - 420020 Bistrita, Bistrita Nasaud

Box no. 1 Tarasa House - is a cottage style cottage made of wood, composed of kitchen, bedroom with 2 beds, matrimonial and single and porch.

Box no. 2 Straw house - is a house with a thatched roof, specific to the Maramures area, composed of a spacious terrace, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom with double bed. It has a beautiful history, which tells us that it is 300 years old and has lived in it in recent years as a monk.

Box no. 3 Wooden house - is a wooden house, on stone foundation, composed of porch, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom with double bed and single.

Box no. 4 Mill - is a house with a wine cellar on the ground floor, specific to the Apuseni Mountains area, composed of a wine cellar and a dining place on the ground floor, and upstairs the terrace, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom with double bed.

Box no. 5 Beech house - is a house with a special view, composed of porch, kitchen, dining place, bedroom with double bed, 2 bathrooms.

As facilities in the museum village of Bistrita the tourists can benefit from the tower with space for barbecue, saline, sauna and tennis court.

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