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Casa Folea

Pestera (Brasov)

Pestera (Brasov)
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The two caves `` `` and `` Little Cave Cave or Bat Cave Mare `` are in the same massive limestone called Church Hill at an altitude of approx. 950 m.

They are at a distance of 11 m apart.

Little Cave has a length of 8.70 m and a width of 5.70 m. at the entrance
Sediment has a thickness of about 0.50 m to the cave and about the background. 0.70 m at its entrance. Assigned housing musterian debris layer whose thickness does not exceed 0.30 m are extremely poor, consisting of little scraps they macromamifere bone and in many microvertebrate scrap and some cracks in quartz and few small fragments of charcoal to wood.

Big Cave or Bat Cave consists of one long main gallery 162 m.

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