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Casa Folea

Pestera (Brasov)

Pestera (Brasov)
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Sometimes I wonder why we grow, if our mind is always in childhood, if Jindu after grandmother cakes and picnic with Grandpa. The only explanation would be: grow to become grandparents and grandchildren make us happy.

We live in concrete and eat things with abnormal shapes and colors at least, we find that not even the memory of a natural food. And we realize that cities grow on our shoulders, impovarandu us.

And when we are fortunate to find a beautiful area, where the grass is green, fresh air and light reach us undefiled, together with people "whole" that you put on the table giving you a food as a cure, we want to share this with those who feel they need to regain the happiest period of their lives.

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Guest House, Farmhouse
Type of accommodation:
Room only
Always Open
Barbecue in the yard

Pestera - Pestera, Brasov

Folea House, 2 *, is a blessed and therefore I want to do mass tourism. It's a gentle place, a Romanian mountain village, a special camp, where time runs slower and more beautiful. I want to be "secret" our, the people who respect nature, hospitable people and a brandy flawless ...

-2 Rooms with 4 beds
-1 Room with 3 places
-1 Room with 2 seats
-1 Room with 8 seats
-1 Room with 4 seats
-1 Room with 3 places
-2 Rooms with 2 beds
Bathrooms: one bathroom downstairs and two upstairs.
Breakfast: 15 euro / person
Lunch: 25 lei / person
Dinner: $ 20 / person

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